Perinatal-Team-LogoMA AWHONN is proud to announce its collaboration with the Massachusetts Perinatal Team (MAPT).

MAPT was founded back in the 1980's, as the Northeast Perinatal Team, in response to the newly published Perinatal Regulations from the Department of Public Health (DPH).  These regulations outlined the requirements for Level I and Level II perinatal/neonatal services.  A networking group of managers and educators from several of the Northeastern Massachusetts maternity facilities who were pursuing Level I and Level II designation was formed to review these new DPH regulations.  The group was also made up of a liaison from DPH, and so the NEPT was born.  As the team grew they incorporated in 1991, developed bylaws, and became the consortium it is today.

From those early days the team was able to put aside competitive differences and work together to create policies, guidelines, and staffing patterns to meet the intent of the DPH regulations.  The members networked, collaborated, and developed educational programs to meet the needs of the nursing staff in all the team hospitals as they moved forward to meet the new DPH regulations.  Although there are no formal ties to the DPH, the regional director has been an invaluable resource in maintaining contact lists, providing educational and meeting space, and being a conduit for information.

Since its inception the NEPT has provided a supportive, collegial networking opportunity for managers, educators, CNS, and neonatologists from all organizations in the Commonwealth that provide maternity/neonatal care.  The membership has expanded, with a conference call option, to any interested maternal child services in Massachusetts.  In 2012 the NEPT became MAPT as it has epxanded to include all MA maternity facilities.  It continues to foster collaboration, collegiality, education and a sounding board for all.

MAPT members were active in the revision of those original perinatal regulations and a member of the group sits on the DPH Perinatal Advisory Committee.  DPH routinely presents new ideas, projects and issues to the group for their input.

MAPT and DPH have collaborated on policies and procedures, brought issues to the attentions of the DPH for resolution and/or advice, presented educational programs to enhance the knowledge and skill level of perinatal/neonatal nurses, and monitored trends in the care of women and infants to ensure the highest quality obstetric and neonatal care throughout Massachusetts.

Over the years the team membership has changed as members change positions, places of employment or retire, but there remains a strong desire to continue the networking opportunity.  It is through this desire, as well as our similar goals of promoting and improving the health of women and newborns and to strengthen the nursing profession through the delivery of superior advocacy, research, education and other professional and clinical resources to nurses and other health care professionals, that MAPT and the Massachusetts Section of AWHONN would like to develop a stronger link.  Since the beginning of 2011 MA AWHONN has had a liaison member sit on the MAPT team.  Together we are striving to develop a collaborative model of professional development that can be translated anywhere.

Please use the following links to learn more about the Massachusetts Perinatal Team:

For the MAPT bylaws, click here.

For MAPT and/or DPH programs, click here.



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